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Choosing Between Low Interest Rates vs. Moving: A Home Story

Hey there, all you homeowners! Let me tell you a story about someone we'll call "SpaceLover." They got their own place a while ago with an amazing low-interest deal. It saved them a bunch of money, which was super cool. But as time went on, their family got bigger, and suddenly, that small place wasn't so great anymore.

The low-interest thing was like a magic trick – saving them cash and guaranteed bragging rights in today's rate environment. But here's the twist: as their family grew, so did their wish for a bigger, comfy home. They thought about what mattered most.

After thinking a lot and weighing the good and not-so-good parts, they decided to make a change. They wanted a cozier space to make new memories. Sure, the low rate was neat, but having more room won out.

(No, this isn't their real house lol)

So, here's the deal: picking a place isn't just about money stuff. It's also about how you want to live and what your family needs. Sometimes, it's worth giving up a super low rate to get a home where you'll be happy. Just remember, finding a home is like making a recipe – a mix of numbers and feelings that makes everything just right.

Set up a buyer consult with me to discuss the different ways to improve a rate on a new house. Some buyers have found it helpful to temporarily buy down a rate, even negotiating the seller paying for a temporary buy down with plans of refinancing in the future. The best way of looking at it isn't always as a low interest rate vs. moving. There are ways to make it work now!

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