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Millard vs. Westside: where should we move in Omaha?

Millard Public School District:


  1. Diverse Educational Opportunities: Millard has a wide range of schools, including several elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as specialized programs. This can provide options to meet various educational needs and interests.

  2. Strong Academic Performance: Many schools in the Millard district have a reputation for high academic standards and student achievement.

  3. Variety of Extracurricular Activities: Millard schools offer a diverse array of extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and arts programs, allowing students to explore their interests beyond academics.

  4. Lower Property Taxes: The property tax rates in Millard may be lower than in some other districts, which can be advantageous for homeowners.


  1. Growing Population: Millard is a rapidly growing district, which can lead to overcrowding in some schools and increased competition for enrollment in popular programs.

Westside Community Schools District:


  1. Strong Reputation: Westside Community Schools are well-regarded for their academic excellence and high-quality education.

  2. Diverse Opportunities: The district offers a variety of programs and extracurricular activities, including a strong focus on the arts and athletics.

  3. Highly Rated Schools: Many Westside schools consistently receive high ratings and recognition for their educational achievements.

  4. Community Involvement: The Westside community is known for its active involvement in the schools, which can foster a sense of community and support.


  1. Higher Property Taxes: Property taxes in Westside may be higher compared to some neighboring districts, which can impact homeowners financially.

  2. Competition for Enrollment: Due to its reputation, Westside schools can be competitive to get into, and there may be waitlists for enrollment in some programs or schools.

Overall, looking at the pros/cons of millard vs. westside, there are many similarities. They both have strong academics and families that attend usually love them. Westside typically has a higher tax levy than Millard, but that doesn't make Millar

d's taxes "cheap" by any means. (unfortunately, all Nebraska taxes are painfully high!

In August 2023, the average sold price for a home in Westside was $348k (49 homes sold that month), while in Millard it was $338k (112 homes sold that month). Millard is a much larger district than Westside. Location is a major difference with Millard being a little more on the outskirts of the Omaha metro, while Westside is more central.

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