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My House Won't Sell

What I’d do if my house didn’t sell within the first 2-3 weeks on the market and was in the upper price point for Omaha ($400k and up)

  1. Don’t panic! Patience is key at this price point as the market is stabilizing. Homes at $400k and up in Omaha are taking 30 days on average to go under contract

  2. Consider a large price drop to open it up to a new pool of buyers ($5k isn’t enough at this price point, $25k can open up the pool of buyers)

  3. Consider professionally staging it and new photos

  4. Consider a fresh coat of paint. If you do this, you’d need to remove it from the market and relist once it’s painted

  5. Have friends/family come over to your house and ask for their honest opinion if there’s an odor or not

  6. Consider replacing any beat up flooring. Again, this would mean taking it off the market and relisting with new photos

Similar to how buyers had to adjust their expectations in 2020/2021, sellers are slowly having to change their expectations when selling as well. Especially at the higher price points.

The best thing you can do when selling your home in Omaha, is price it right from the beginning and do all of this work BEFORE listing. Gone are the days of being able to throw any home on the market with no preparation. Preparation can be expensive, but it’s also arguably more expensive to have your home sit on the market not selling. Buyers always assume they have more of edge the longer the home sits on the market. Even if your home wasn’t perfectly prepared to go on the market, try one or two of these different options to get your house SOLD!

These are just a couple of tips and tricks if your house won't sell!

"Help! My House Won't Sell!"

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