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Should I move?

Deciding whether to sell a home and move to a new one is a significant decision. Homeowners should ask themselves the following five questions to help assess whether it's the right time for them to sell:

  1. Does Your Current Home Meet Your Needs?

  • Consider whether your current home still meets your lifestyle and needs. If your family has grown or if you find yourself needing more space, it might be a sign that it's time to move.

  1. Can You Afford to Move?

  • Evaluate your financial situation. Consider not just the potential profit from selling your current home but also the costs associated with buying a new one, including closing costs, moving expenses, and potential renovations or updates needed in the new property.

  1. How's the Real Estate Market?

  • Assess the current real estate market conditions for Omaha. Keep in touch with your realtor so you know the specifics for the neighborhood you're looking in.

  1. Are You Ready for a Change?

  • Reflect on your life goals and whether a change of scenery or lifestyle is something you desire. Sometimes, the need for a change or a fresh start can be a motivating factor for selling a home.

  1. Have You Considered Future Plans?

  • Think about your future plans and how your current home fits into those plans. If you anticipate changes in your career, family dynamics, or lifestyle, it might influence your decision to sell and move.

Reflect on these questions if you're asking yourself "should I move?"

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